UPS (International, Canada, States)

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UPS (International, Canada, States) | Misinformation and lies

Here is my story, I ordered a shipment from the states for 3 pair of shoes and unfortunately my shipper decided to use UPS as the shipping company. thats when this terrible ordeal began.After one delivery attempt i find this in the comment sections of the tracking number.”DRIVER NEEDS SECURITY ACCESS WHICH MUST BE OBTAINED FROM RESIDENT/CONSIGNEE IN ORDER TO ENTER BUILDING / UNDELIVERABLE INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENT. UPS IS OBTAINING FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS OR APPROVAL FOR RETURN SHIPMENT.”So i called them to arrange a alternate pick up, I was told that they would make a second attempt so I can just wait for that or make arrangement for pick up from a location. I thought ok lets wait for the second delivery attempt, told the agent on the phone my buzzer number for the second delivery attempt and waited for second delivery attempt.Instead of a second delivery attempt, 3 days later i find this on the tracking number.”DRIVER NEEDS SECURITY ACCESS WHICH MUST BE OBTAINED FROM RESIDENT/CONSIGNEE IN ORDER TO ENTER BUILDING / RETURNED TO SHIPPERAlternate Tracking NumberXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”I called them back saying whats going on, heres what a few different people told me1. “You need to talk to UPS Canada, UPS states have no control over what UPS canada does”2. “the Shipper has authorized the return of the package so that overrules your request for redelivery, you have to contact your shipper”Both of them sound insane but the second one made more sense so i decided to contact my shipper.As per my shipper UPS told him that “I REFUSED TO PAY THE BROKERAGE FEE”. THAT IS AN ABSOLUTE LIE, I had the exact amount of brokerage fee sitting on my table ever since the package arrived in Canada.So my shipper talked to UPS to try to reroute a package and even though all this had happened because of a blatant lie by UPS he was not assured that it would be taken care of.In the meantime i kept talking to UPS, a day later I was told that there is no record of my conversation of me leaving them my buzzer code or anything. so i hang up and call back. this time the agent was able to pull out all the information, saying “It was entered in the wrong section (or wrong department)” not sure what exactly was said.Next say this appears on the tracking log.”RECEIVER STATED THEY DID NOT ORDER AND REFUSED THIS DELIVERY / PACKAGE ABANDONED BY THE SENDER AND THE RECEIVER “So naturally i called them saying that i want that package its not abandoned. So this time the agent puts a note on the file for pick up and assures me that i can pick it up tomorrow morning from a pick up location. “A DELIVERY CHANGE REQUEST FOR THIS PACKAGE WILL BE PROCESSED / AS REQUESTED, THE RECEIVER WILL PICKUP AT A UPS FACILITY AT THEIR CONVENIENCE. THIS MUST BE WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS “That sounded like everything is in order again. But i still asked her 3 times, you sureeeeee i can pick it up tomorrow and i was told yes three times.Next morning i drove 45 minutes to the location. This guys comes out looked at the infonotice and 10 minutes later announces.”THE PACKAGE WAS APPROVED TO BE RETURNED TO THE SHIPPER AND WAS SCANNED OUT OF THIS PLACE LAST NIGHT”Naturally i was mad this time, after being assured last evening that its waiting for me, UPS had the nerve to send it back to the states even when the note was there.Now this is what he said “I just started my shift and the guy who was doing the shift last night is the one who scanned it out”. Once again the blame is being passed around.So i drive back home and called UPS. I gave her the infonotice number and asked here where the package is, shes like its waiting for you to pick up. I am like you suree, shes like, them i told her i was just there and they said its on the way back. She said that since the return has a new tracking number, their system does not interlink them, which is ridiculous and untrue because the customer service guy showed me both the tracking numbers and they were linked. anyways so the girl on the phone listened to me and said “UPS canada send it back, so i have to talk to them, UPS states cannot control what they do”.I politely asked for a manager, she kept insisting that he wont be able to help. But after being promised call up by manager on three different previous occasions, i told her that i am going to quietly wait here.The manager told me that same story, saying that shipper authorized a return and everything without accepting that it was all due to the misinformation they told him in the first place.So them i called UPS canada, was told that there was nothing they can do as they package is already on the way back and they shipper probably has to pay the shipping cost again. This has been an absolute nightmare, cannot believe that UPS treats their customers in such manner. I told that last representative that I know they are too big to care bout one customer but i will make sure that in future everything and anything i get shipped from anywhere in the world is not handled by UPS, wont be buying from any seller unless they use some other service. And i will make sure to tell everyone about this incident.

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