UPS, Canada

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UPS, Canada | Lies and no delivery

A package sent to me from the US on January 16 was, according to the UPS web site tracking information, supposed to be delivered on January 23. It was not. I was told this was due to “adverse weather conditions” when the sun was shining, the temperature well above zero, and less than a centimetre of snow on the ground. Next day, the tracking information showed that it was “out for delivery”. I was home all day. No attempt was made to deliver it. The package was not re-scanned, After 8 phone calls and 3 emails, I was told there had been a train derailment – very odd, since there is no railway line crossing the highway anywhere between the UPS depot and my home. A call which was supposed to be returned within the hour was returned 5 hours later and I was asked what the problem was after having explained this in detail several times already.UPS is a lousy company. I have had drivers throwing packages in my front yard for anyone to pick up. I get nothing but lies and atrocious service from this incompetent and irresponsible outfit. They are worse than useless.

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