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They need to learn the basics of customer service

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18 September 2019

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New owners and employees at Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center show no interest in the business.
The staff members don’t show positive energy toward customers.
Staff aren’t knowledgeable and lack communication skills in customer relations. It is up to no good to shop at Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center.
Employees don’t show interest in the products sold to customers.
My experiences at this store don’t allow me to recommend Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center to my friends or other people.
The staff doesn’t know communication skills and the learning process is slow which is running the business downhill.
A slow process in training skills and this has put an end for me to shop there again.
In the beginning, I felt excited to visit this store and that didn’t last long for me. The employees don’t make customers feel welcome and I didn’t feel welcome and pleasant in the store.
I found employees rude and disrespectful when asked of a product. They didn’t explain in detail to me when I asked of the crystals on the shelf.
I wasn’t attended to as I entered the store, no one greeted and felt dissatisfied with this type of treatment from employees. Customer’s service is not a priority at Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center.
Many negative attitudes from the employees caused me to feel this way. They aren’t helpful and lack good manners. Customers don’t feel good in shopping at Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center. It is disrespectful and an inconvenience to shop at this store.
The customer’s service run down by new owners and employees. New staff members have no qualifications in customer relations; they don’t keep products neat and tidy. the facility isn’t clean and welcoming to customers.
It isn’t worth it to spend money at a place such as this one.
At Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center, they won’t refund you or exchange an item. I have had it with this store. No good service and facilities and ruined by new owners.
Staff members don’t appear happy and hate their jobs.
I regret I had shopped there in the first place. I, however, don’t want anyone to go through what I had at this store.
I felt disappointed at this store and tried to return a few items bought there and they refused to refund me or take back the items. The bad services have chased customers from the store.
No experience in reading cards and in feeling spiritual healing. Reading metaphysical books is my pass time. A small selection of books and other products is displayed on shelves. Tarot reading classes didn’t interest me from the first day. People at the store aren’t polite and have no understanding for customers.
Unfortunately, the expensive products are a rip-off to customers.
It was weird to spend time there again.
No variety of books and of metaphysical subjects.
People don’t attend to customers as they enter the store and everything, No recommendation for this store.

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