University of Nevada Las Vegas

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University of Nevada Las Vegas

University of Nevada Las Vegas UNLV Racist, Sexist, Criminal Incompetent & Evil Administration Las Vegas Nevada!!. UNLV administration systematically engages in racism, sexism, fraud and criminal behavior. There is a culture of racism and bigotry. Students and staff are exposed to n**i signs, African-American employee called “black dog,” professor called “angry black lady,” film students are told that women rapists like Harvey Weinstein and Steve Wynn are OK. UNLV shut down an HIV clinic for kids ran by two minorities as a retaliation for them complaining of racism and spent hundreds of thousands of TAXPAYER’s dollars to defend this CRIMINAL decision. Not less than 10 (!) women at the School of Community Health Sciences complained about the sexist Dean Shawn Gerstenberger. He has made his secretary get on her knees to give paperwork for him to sign. What happened to him? He is still in charge of the school and continues to destroy lives and abuse women and minorities: UNLV’s compliance and HR departments are a joke. The compliance director resigned after allegations of sexual harassment: They routinely dismiss EVERY SINGLE complaint by the employees and students. President Len Jessup was recently given a terrible evaluation for his performance. Instead of improving his work, he ran to the donors (casino families) and tied their “gifts” to school to his job security. It’s illegal and unethical, and explains so much about the sh*show this school is. IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR EDUCATION OR CAREER, STAY FAR AWAY FROM UNLV! DO NOT APPLY HERE UNLESS YOU’RE KKK, IN WHICH CASE YOU WILL FEEL RIGHT AT HOME. IT’S A CORRUPT, ROTTEN, BIGOTTED INSTITUTION THAT HOLDS LOYALTY NOT TO COMMUNITY BUT TO CASINOS. IF YOU ARE ANY KIND OF MINORITY OR A WOMAN, OR EVEN CARE ABOUT GENDER AND RACIAL EQUALITY, DO NOT COME TO UNLV. THE PLACE IS TAKEN OVER BY TRUMP/ NRA SUPPORTERS AND PEOPLE GET DEATH THREATS FOR BEING JEWISH OR BEING BLACK. IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A THRIVING CAREER AND BE PROUD OF YOUR INSITUTION, STAY AWAY FROM UNLV. YOUR IDEAS WILL BE STOLEN AND GIVEN TO MEMBERS OF GOOD OLD CLUB. YOUR LIFE WILL BE DESTROYED IF YOU COMPLAIN. What a sh*hole! UNLV ADMINISTRATION NEEDS TO BE HELD CRIMINALLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IT IS SPENDING ON DEFENDING ITS BIGOTRY AND ATTACKING MINORITIES AND WOMEN. SHAME ON YOU!

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