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Universal Tire Shop

Universal Tire Shop Solomon They fix your car just so that the same part can breakdown again, and you pay more money. Los Angeles California!!. The racc opinion broke on my car. I went, and got that fixed. THey said the left axel needed to be repalced, did that also at the same time. A week later the racc opion is making the same noise. THey insisted it was another problem. Now why would I get something else fixed when they said it was the racc opinion, and I paid $500 for that. So later I am driving and the right axel breaks in the middle of the street. So i went and got that fixed, and they didnt want to fix my racc opinion like i told them. So when I picked up my car I noticed that wires was detached under the hood, and one of my fans was not working. They are going to say it looks like somebody pulled everything a loose. I didnt understand how that happened when my wires were fine before i dropped it off. So now at that point the wires, and fan dont work. So recently I am driving and the whole right tire just fall off. OH its the same left axel i got fixed the first time. So i tow it back to the shop. Now my body work on my car is messed up, and the axel is broke. So this time they fixed the left axel, and the racc opinion. Now my car runs worse than it ever did. I feel like i got scammed because my car is still having the same problem. I have spent at least $1500 on this car with them for my car to be a mess still, and I have new problems that they have done that is going to cost me more money. I am so unhappy with this business. I wasted a lot of money on my car for nothing to be fixed right.

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