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United Lead Group

United Lead Group Eric Rosenthal Eric Rosenthal from United Lead Group tis a LIAR ** HEY TOOK MY MONEY AND REFUSES TO REFUND **!!. On 05/13/2019 my partner placed in order for 100 leads for Merchant Cash advance leads 0-7 days old for $500.00 . Two hours later, I emailed Eric to issue a refund since we unfortunetely miscalculated the amount of funds in our account; had not recieved any leads or even a receipt of payment. I emailed Eric and called him no answer. I recieved an email though from Eric require me to sign a document stateing that i agree to the $500.00 charge , emailed and called him again, still no answer to email responce . the next morning around 9 am i emailed and called Eric again no answer. Then around 1 pm I get a list of leads from Eric , with an email stating he doesnt provide refunds . i called Eric 7 times no answer emailed him twice no responce. He only sent the list of deals just so he can say that he gave us leads. Around 3pm he finally addressed my one of my emails that stated that he issues no refunds. I decide to test the leads he sent me every single lead he provided had a disconnect number and the emails bounced . FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD !!! This guy knew what he was doing . I request my money back and will persue a small claims suit against him if he doesnt refund my money within the next 24 hrs.

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