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UNIQUE AUTO SALES UAS CONSUMER ALERT BOILINGBROKE GA Georgia!!. I would like to take the time to address a nation wide consumer alert regarding Unique Auto Sales a used car whole sales dealer, bad business practice. Unique Auto Sales is owned and operated by Justin Campbell located at 8083 Rivoli Rd Bolingbroke GA 31004.Unique Auto Sales is attempting to destroy what every business owner depends on, customer satisfaction. Without a customer base no business would ever have longevity. Unique Auto Sales is jeopardizing business relations by selling known salt corrosive trucks to dealers to sell to their customers. This is a safety hazard to our country; your family friends and relatives could possibly be riding in a vehicle they have no clue that the undercarriage where important systems components are housed are badly rusted. The brakes, transmission, and other vital pieces have all been exposed from driving through the snow and ice risking the caru2019s overall safety. This business practice of Unique Auto Sales is to purchase trucks from Northern Auctions knowingly of the corrosive damage and they spray the undercarriage and make it appear to be in immaculate condition. Practically buying a truck of little or no value and selling it at top dollar. This is not how consumers deserves to be treated, or have their lives jeopardized. Where do we draw the line in making money at all costs? It is our repsonsibility as fellow consumers to protect or citizens as well as individuals. Please intervene and show Unique Auto Sales that their shenanigans, we will not be had and disregard for safety of citizens and individuals will not be overlooked for a dollar. These trucks are sold and distributed all over the U.S, this is truly a nation wide crisis it could be your family riding in a 2019 Ford F150 that they assumed was fairly used with low mileage and thought they were getting a great deal but instead they are truly getting “scammed”.

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