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Unicloud Inc

Unicloud Inc UNI Cloud Inc unicloudinc 1-844-385-4366 SCAMMED ME!!!! Rockport Texas!!. Last Friday, I got a call from 1-844-385-4366 and a guy in his 20s started talking to me in a middle eastern accent. He said that his name was Jack and that he was calling me from my technical support. He told me that they were going out of business and will be refunding me the $200 that I paid to them. Thinking that he was calling from my technical support, I gave him the remote access of my computer and he opened my bank account online. I could see him transferring some money from one account to another thinking that he was transferring money from his companyu2019s account to my account. What he actually did was very obscene. Then he told me that he accidentally added an extra zero and made a transfer of $2000. He started panicking and almost cried while begging me to give $1800 back to him as this transaction happened by accident and his boss would kill him if he finds out about it. Being the sympathetic guy I am, I made the transfer of $1800. He immediately hung up the call after confirming that the transfer has been made. The guy even locked my computer and added some kind of key on it. I tried calling the number back, it was not reachable. After some time, the number was out of service. I immediately realized someone screwed $1800 off of me. I called my technical support to which I paid $200 a long time ago. They told me that they didnu2019t call me and confirmed the fact that I was scammed by the other caller (Jack). Itu2019s sad to know that people would do such horrible things for money and even ruin the reputation of good companies. Now I canu2019t trust anyone calling me from a toll-free number, thanks to that SCAMMER!!!!!

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