UFCW Retail Clerks Union Local 770

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UFCW Retail Clerks Union Local 770

UFCW Retail Clerks Union Local 770 I applied for my pension now they say I do not qualify for it Cypress California!!. I have been trying to get my pension from Retail Clerks Union Local 770 for many months now. Faxing papers and forms back and forth. Last week I called some supervisor there who is over my case person named Kim Boyd and he said it was in the final stage of approval. Now today I get a letter from them saying that I dont qualify for my pension that I dont meet these requirements. A. must have 10 years of benefit credit for the pension. B, must have 345 hours in covered employment in a 3 year period. C, must have worked at least 1500 hours in covered employment within a 3 year period. This is a bunch of baloney as I meet all the requirements and I had enough years worked to be vested. They just dont want to pay me my money and keep it. It is mine I worked for it and I need it. I worked at Vons from April 1969 to December 31st 1995. My union time was from April 1969 to October 1982 for approx 13.5 years. I was part time in 1969 and 1970, then from 1971 to 1982 I was full time employee so I meet all the hours required and I am vested to get my pension. They are being very dishonest and trying to keep my money. I called the case manager today and left a voicemail to Kim Boyd voicing how unhappy and upset I am about this situation. I told her to have a superviser call me back as soon as possible that if no supervisor calls me back then I am going to sue them. I also called the supervisor of this dept named Mark May and left him a detailed voicemail about this and how upset that I am. I am 66 years old and its time for me to collect my pension now. I have a partial pension now from Vons which is about to start in April. I am disabled and I have many health issues now. I need to have 2 surgeries now and I was waiting until I get my pension money before I get the surgery as it will help me pay for the surgeries. Now I have to postpone my surgery because of them and this can out my life at risk not to mention all the stress that this is causing me too. So currently now I am looking online for a pension lawyer and I am sure that I will fine one very soon. I will sue them to get my pension, and for all the court costs and for affecting my health in an adverse manner. All they have to do to stop all this is pay me my pension. Do the right thing if possible if they dont pay me then they are very dishonest for sure. I guess this Union must be hurting for money that why they feel its ok to keep my pension money. I wonder how many other people they have done this to.

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