U-SAVE CAR and Truck RENTAL Carolina, Puerto Rico

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U-SAVE CAR and Truck RENTAL Carolina, Puerto Rico

U-SAVE CAR and Truck RENTAL Carolina, Puerto Rico U-SAVE CAR and Truck RENTAL Loiza, Puerto Rico Damage Car Rented and Gas Tank fraudulently reported Isla Verde Carolina!!. I rented a car from this company through a booking with Travelocity for a 2 week stay in Puerto Rico during which I would be traveling all over the island. The company was not at the airport for pick up as they indicated and I had to call them to come get me which caused delay. Once there after I waited in line and finally processed my rental, I was told that the car was not ready because they needed to do an oil change. After another long wait in the exhautive heat of Puerto Rico, I finally received the vehicle for which I paid full price to the tune of almost 700.00 for two weeks, it was severly damaged on the outside with many large dents all over the roof, side door, and significant scratches to the bumpers, sides, doors, many of which the dishonest check out service professional did not mark on the vehicle inspection report while demanding my signature. Distressed at the condition of the car after the long wait and having paid full price I requested another vehicle and was told that it would be days before one was available and that the cars are like this because of Hurricane Maria. My request for a discouted price because of the condition of the car was denied. Distracted my the ordeal at the office I drove off and quickly realized that the gas tank was not 3/4 full as the technician had inidcated but was 5/8 full. I called to report the error but was told “too bad, you signed” and reminded that I was obligated to return the car with the gas tank at 3/4 as indicated in the report. I have been scammed, bamboozled, tricked, and taken advantage of by this company and will NEVER use them again and will do all in my power to warn others of the same.

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