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Tynan's Nissan

Tynan’s Nissan Tynan Nissan Tynan Volkswagen Tynan’s Volkswagen Damaged vehicle during a recall repair and are refusing to fix it Aurora Colorado!!. Tynan’s Nissan broke a ball joint on our low mileage Nissan during a coil spring recall replacement. They apologized at first, said they would take care of it all, and gave us a loaner vehicle until they could fix it up for us. 3 days later they called with a different tune and pretending like the damage they caused wasn’t related to the recall repair they did. The ball joint failed on a low mileage car less than 10 miles after the replacement coil springs were installed. They are insisting that it’s a coincidence that a low mileage vehicle would have a broken ball joint immediately after coil spring replacement. And why they changed their mind 3 days later is beyond any kind of rational explanation.

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