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TVS DAILY DEALS Claimed to upgrade the TV Model because purchased model was lessor quality when model was same Brooklyn New York!!. Purchased the LG OLED65E7P for $1,700 from their website and then received a call that night that the tv purchased was some foreign tv of a lessor quality with an 8-bit panel and I don’t want that one but to get the 10-bit version that has a U at the end so it would be a OLED65E7P-U for $2,399. So I agreed and they then said it doesn’t come with a speaker system and to get the additional Speaker sound bar would be $2,799. So I ordered the $2,799 tv because we need speakers and when I receive the TV, I don’t see the additional speakers so I email the company asking when they are going to send the sound bar and they call later that night stating the sound bar is built into the tv. So I call the next day to LG and the LG rep states that the model you ordered is standard with no variations. AL the OLED65E7P tv’s have built in sound bar and there are no variations. That maybe the company was talking about the OLED65C or the OLED65B version that do not have a built in sound bar. Lastly, there is no difference with the Panels for this model and that any model that has a variation would have a totally different model number. When I emailed TVSDAILYDEALS, they claim that I never was talking about the OLED65E Version that, of course that model has the built in sound bar and I was negotiating the OLED65C Version which does not have a sound bar and they are doing me a favor by giving me a great price on the OLED65E7P-U version. Unebelievable and to make matters worse, the Sales Rep David, starts yelling at me claiming he wrote everything down and that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I couldn’t even talk to the guy and said if he doesn’t stop yelling and let me talk because I am trying to resolve this with them, I am going to hang up and go thru the credit card company, of which I had no recourse but to do. SO I initiated a dispute with AmEx. My advice to you is DO NOT buy from these unethical vendors! But from established sstores. Yes you might pay a little more but will have peace of mind! I still cannot believe they said I was buying the OLED65C for $2,399. Like when did I EVER say in our conversation that model? Thank goodness I have the proof of sale invoices and order number emails with the models on them clearly stated as proof.

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