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Turbo Solutions Ty Hagy Bad Turbo and they refused to give a refund Pennsauken New Jersey!!. I purchased a trubo from this company for an ISX Cummins engine. The Turbo didn’t last 30 days before it failed in spectatcular fashion. When I sent the failed turbo back, Ty claimed the failure was caused by foreign object damage. So, I bought another Turbo from them, and cleaned carbon from exhaust ports and checked cylinders for leak down, replaced the EGR cooler core and found no evidence of where something had gone through the engine, other than the damaged turbo. When I installed Turbo #2, it was evident immediately there was a problem, because the engine would not complete a DPF cycle. I spoke with Ty and he offered to test it. I took it off and sent it back to him. He sent it back saying it was a good turbo. When I installed the turbo, I had the same problem. I spent the next 2 days checking every possible reason the engine would not complete a cycle and found nothing. I paid for a Cummins tech to come over and it cost me $685 and he said he had never seen a Turbo react the way this turbo was acting during the regeneration. After 3 weeks of screwing around, the customer took the truck to a freightliner dealer 120 miles away. They changed the turbo, and that fixed the truck and the customer returned it to work. My customer had to pay a core fee for the good turbo so that I could return it to Turbo Solutions for a refund. I kept Ty informed on all that had gone on, and he finally admitted that they realized that they were “having problems” with their Cummins Turbos. He assured me I would get a refund for the purchase of turbo #2. When I finally got the turbo back the actuator was missing. I asked Ty if I should send back the turbo the way it was, or wait until I could get the actuator back from the Freightliner dealer. Ty said to wait to get the actuator. I tried for months to get the actuator from that dealership, and I had no leverage with them, they made empty promises and blew me off. I called Ty and told him I couldn’t get back the actuator after spending countless time on calls. He said to just send back the turbo and he would give me credit for the turbo and I would eat the actuator cost. After sending back the Turbo, Ty let me know he got it back in good condition, and he would work on my refund. Over the next 2 months, I called and left messages that were not returned, and when I did talk to Ty directly he wouldn’t call back when promised. Eventually, after getting aggressive with Ty about getting back my money, I got a call from a guy named “John” who represented himself as Ty’s “Boss”. John told me that he was going to send me back Turbo #2 and that they had “repaired” it. I explained I didn’t want that turbo back, I wanted the $2000 I paid for that bad turbo. He said he wasn’t going to honor the promise Ty made for a cash refund and it wasn’t open for discussion. He eventually gave me a “f*** you” as he hung up on me. I emailed Ty in an effort to understand what happened and he did not respond……That bad turbo from Turbo Solutions, cost me near $4000 in lost time, lost parts and outside labor, and an untold amount in lost reputation. And my customer lost the use of his truck for over a month. And all I asked of Turbo Solutions was that they would pay back the money I paid them for a bad turbo they sold me. Ty made the promise they would give me a cash refund, and they didn’t give me back a penny.

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