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The dentist gave me a wrong diagnosis

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14 September 2019

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Don’t visit Truedent Family Dentistry . They were unable to deliver me quality services, their doctors were not trained and customer service sucks. First of all, the receptionist didn’t inform me of the absence of the dentist. And then the dentist gave me the wrong diagnosis about the pain in my teeth. I was so irritated with this place that I can’t even express my anger in words. It was too infuriating. I could’ve undergone several useless procedures because of these guys. I consulted Truedent Family Dentistry because they had great reviews online and people seemed truly happy with their services. I booked an appointment with them because I was facing severe pain in my teeth and had to consult the doctor immediately. On the day of my appointment, I went there half an hour early but got angry when I got to know that the doctor had not come in today. I was upset and told that front desk guy to inform me earlier if the doctor was not showing up today, upon which the front desk guy was rude with me and told me that they had called everyone personally on their phone numbers to let them know the doctor was absent today. I knew that the bastard was lying to me and asked him to show me the number on which he called but he had no answer. He said they left a voice mail on my number, but my cell phone records did not have any kind of voice mail from them. He was lying in front of me and showed no apologetic behavior to me nor offered me any discount or incentive for the inconvenience they brought to me. On the day of my next appointment I was being told to do x-rays because the doctor might need to check it, I told them I already got one those last week upon which they replied that you must get the x-rays done from us. This clearly shows how Truedent Family Dentistry is robbing their patients and are only keen to make money from them. The doctor seemed to look nice but he was unprofessional. The doctor told me that the reason for the pain is due to I had several cavities in my mouth and I had to treat it immediately or else the intensity of the pain will increase by the time if left untreated. I didn’t have any problem with my teeth in my entire life and though to get a second opinion about this. Luckily I went to another dentist office who told me that my teeth were in great condition and were perfectly fine, and the pain was only because I had brushed my teeth too harshly since the past few days. The doctor just prescribed me to brush twice a day with a soft brush and within a week the pain had gone. Truedent Family Dentistry is filled with scammers and liars who will be going to rip you off so stay away from such peoples.

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