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True Renewable Energy

True Renewable Energy True Renew, TRE Crooks!!. Don’t just stay away, RUN AWAY!!! I will be posting this review on at least 5 websites. Let’s see which is honest and leaves the review up.I am local & looked into Solar a couple of years ago, but didn’t pull the trigger. Back then I had never heard of this company even though I researched. Decided to hear what they have to say and wow was I amazed….. at these conmen.Got a few quotes & did not tell them as I wanted to hear how they sell to someone who doesn’t know anything. They tried to tie me down to a price that was only good for “today,” yet left me with a quote that is double what someone else would charge! In fact they didn’t want to leave me with anything. No paperwork, no emailed proposal, nothing. I had to ask to take a picture of the quote. Really?I did my research on them after they left & found out they are misleading all their clients. The gov’t website shows that a Zeev Rabinovitch was the active license holder from Oct 1984 to Oct 2017. Someone else took over in Nov and left in Dec. Is this License even active? My conclusion is they have been in the solar business since the end of 2017.IN SUMMRY:1. They have barely any reviews online as either Banai or True Renewable Energy. 2. Horrible sales tactics.3. Questionable to fake license.4. scam/Scam. They wanted almost $20,000 more than the company I went with! I have pics to prove.5. Liars who claim they’re pioneersOnly pro is their website looks decent. Seems the “True” portion of True Renewable Energy isn’t what they claim. The government really needs to crack down on these crooks.

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