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True Care Advantage Review

True Care Advantage

I was contacted by a telemarketer that is recruiting for this business (said his name is robert, rep #362, which I realize is probably false information) on thursday night 10/08/09. He assured me many times over that I was only agreeing to look at the information and that I absolutely would not be charged a penny. Well, that was completely untrue. My account has been charged the 4.95 introductory charge and I want it refunded promptly. I have no need of these services and no desire to have them. I was only trying to be polite to this pushy liar by agreeing to look at the information. I want my $4.95 refunded and I want not one cent more to be taken from my account. Please rectify this situation. While I understand you aren”t directly responsible for the falsehood I was told, you are responsible for doing the right thing in rectifying this situation. Thank you for your very prompt attention to this very fraudulent situation. Danna f pope

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