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Trudi Schindler SBN 185837

Trudi Schindler (SBN 185837) I am a Rich Swindler! And I am before the state bar on Unethical Abilities Stole money on a Trust knowing full well that the Uncle Attorney Used Perjury to STEAL Los Angeles Ca!!. A very greedy attorney stole my inheritance, and they events were not civil by any means. MY FATHER DIED, AND MY UNCLE LIED UNDER OATH IN A COURT OF LAW, using not one, but THREE UNETHICAL ATTORNEYS. NOW THE DECEASED next of kin are not his children and grandchildren, but Williamsu2019 children and ex wife. He got away with the crime of a lifetime and this is how he did it. SENIOR ABUSE, LYING, and BULLING OF A REGISTERED NURSE In the spring of 2009, Deborah (the daughter, and Registered Nurse Practitioner) was asked to help her father out when he required open-heart surgery. She had his home cleaned, nursing meals made and took care of his every need before, during and after his hospitalization. My uncle decided to u201cget rid of meu201d by bullying me and threatening to kill me after he found out that my brother and I would be splitting the trust 50/50, and he was not included. MY protective father told me he would indeed kill me over the money as he referred to his brother William as u201cBilly the kidu201d. William was never trusted during his entire lifetime to represent him as an attorney, and chose to place the trust on his personal computer. Simply stated, my father never trusted his brother My father fearing for the wellbeing of his daughter (a single mother of 4 children) told me to protect myself. I was bullied me in an empty parking lot. I was not allowed to get my personal things out of my fatheru2019s house. MY father was told multiple lies by William such as I was going to put him in a nursing home, and perhaps he shouldnu2019t trust the soup that I made him as I may have poisoned it. He told him I had broken in the house, which was another lie, as while the cleaning crew took down the drapes in his bedroom, a small 4-inch window was accidently broken. I had the keys to his home. Bullying of a caregiver should never be permitted. When I went to the police in Los Angeles to report this, it was ignored. In 2009, bullying a family member was not reportable or even a legal focus until 2011. During 2009, through 2014, I lived and worked in Los Angeles and Orange County to support my 4 children. I kept sending my father emails of his grandchildren including his great grandson born in January of 2013. In November 2012, my fatheru2019s significant other passed away. Her name was Helene Sutter. My father never sold anything of hers until her death. It is interesting to note that the abstract removed both of our names in a fraudulent document in the year 2010. My father, with 25 years of military experience would never have done this. FINANCIAL ABUSE, MORE SENIOR ABUSE. My fatheru2019s Bellaire home was sold in 2014, at which time he was sold an annuity with the proceeds of the sale of the home. You can ask any financial planner, but selling an annuity to an 80 year old, post open-heart surgery is considered a move of greed. The financial advisor received and upfront commission and only knew my father for less than a year. My father struggled to care for himself, and his brother suggested for him to go To a retirement home. This was retirement home without any licensed nursing staff. Basically Holiday Inn East was a high cost apartment-style home that provided meals. It was the realtor, Janie Peet that told my father he was lied to by his brother William. William had used horrible lies that his daughter was going to do this, whereas it was William who didnu2019t want to be bothered. My father and I connected by phone and were to meet in October. On October 30, 2014, by father died of a heart attack caused by arteriosclerosis, only 6 weeks after moving into the facility. ASSAULT, EXTORTION AND THEFT. On the night of October 30, 2014, I declared my father deceased and sat with the paramedics. Since there were no registered nurses on staff. William Christopher came that night bringing his other brother. Joseph Haroun. He put me in a neck hold in the day room and told me not to go down to his room again. He not only stole and ripped up the original documents, but he also stole his personal computer where he fraudulently deleted and u201cdoctoredu201d the documents. THERE WAS NEVER A SIGNED AMMENDMENT. He stole everything, including his wallet, 2 cars, and anything else he could find. CONSPIRACY AND FRAUD Even though never his attorney, William C. Horan abused power by becoming the u201csuccessor trusteeu201d. Please understand that his son Timothy Gerard Horan testified that Uncle Bill u201cgot rid of his sister in 2009u201d. And he would take over all the fiduciary responsibilities for him. My brother Timothy was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his early 20s and his anxiety and stress levels were too great for him to handle. He lived in Oregon with his much older wife u201cPatriciau201d who was more like a mother to him. Although our motheru2019s sister provided both Tim and Pat with the money of $50,000 for a down payment on a home as well as financing his education through plumbing school, nothing was ever repaid, and he never got his plumbing service off the ground. MY FATHERu2019s DEATH AND MORE BULLYING AT HIS FUNERAL My father died on October 14, 2014, and the funeral did not take place until December 9, 2014. My uncle insisted on an autopsy. This was a Tuesday that I usually worked, but the funeral was supposed to be on Wednesday, December the 10th, 2018 when I was usually off. If I had not contacted the funeral home I would have missed the funeral. William ran the show again sitting Tim and Pat in the front row as well as his 3 daughters, and the woman he was living with. He told the funeral attendant that his father had only one son. It is amazing that he had 3 daughters and never knew the relationship I had with my father during 50 years. The look on his three daughteru2019s faces was undeniably something I will never forget. They were told by their father that I was disinherited and would get nothing and they would inherit their uncleu2019s wealth, (even though they knew him, cared for him etc.). My husband, daughter, and grandson sat in the back row and were not really included. Wasnu2019t even invited to lunch after the funeral. I never did anything wrong to my father other to been bullied by a greedy uncle. I have 3 state licenses and a DEA, and no criminal record. No one could give me the reason why I was treated with such hostility. William Christopher Horan attempted to be the attorney on 12/23/2014. Again, running the show saying that the successor trustee was doing it all. The Horan trust was liquefied and a 3500 square foot home bought for Patricia with the money before 90 days had past and I even had a copy of u201cFraudulent Trust Documentsu2019. He hired Mr. Stephen E. Grant who in turn hired 2 other u201cGUNSu201d John E. Erych and his wife Schwindleru201d. Over a year passes with demurrers, and he can hire these unethical fools because William Christopher has control of 5 million dollars, and I had to sell home to pay for an attorney. CIVIL AND CRIMINAL CASES SHOULD NOT MIX! PERJURY IS BY DEFINITION THE OFFENSE OF WILLFULLY TELLING AND UNTRUTH IN A COURT AFTER HAVING TAKEN AN OATH OR AFFERMATION. My first attorney knew the truth about my greedy uncle, and so did my second. These were fraudulent documents without a signed amendment. They could not combine criminal acts within a civil case. It would take an old greedy attorney to mix these two together and steal his brotheru2019s inheritance. Remember, my brother had schizophrenia, which never goes away, and I had never known of his maternal wife Patricia. We all can agree that OJ Simpson got away with murder by hiring unethical attorneys like F. Lee Baily. Even Kardassion knew the truth. But he got away with the crime of murder. He did this by hiring a dream team of 5 attorneys. My uncle was no dope. He did the same to make sure the court case on March 16thand 17thof 2019 went to his favor. THE COURT CASE WAS AN ABSOLUTE MOCKERY OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM. MY UNCLE (WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER HORAN) LIED UNDER OATH!. THIS WAS TOWARD THE END OF THE CASE AFTER HE WAS SITTING IN THE COURTROOM FOR 1.5 DAYS. PERJURY IS DEFINED AS THE CRIME OF LYING UNDER OATH AND IS A SERIOUS OFFENCE BECAUSE IT DERAILS THE BASIC GOAL OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEMu2014DISCOVERING THE TRUTH. LEGAL CONSEQUENCES INCLUDE JAIL, PROBATION, AND FINES TO THE COURT.IT CLASSIFIES AS A SERIOUS OFFENCES. IT IS USED TO USURP THE POWER OF THE COURTS RESULTING IN MISCARRIAGES OF JUSTICE. IT IS A FEDERAL CRIME CLASSIFIED AS A FELONY AND PROVIDES A PRISON SENTENCE OF UP TO ONE TO FIVE YEARS. No one disclosed the amount of money they received by my fatheru2019s estate, and the hired guns never presented my profession as a registered nurse, a clinical nurse specialist and a Nurse Practitioner. The questions were not surrounding the documents or who took hem, but rather an attack on the clothes I wore the night my father died, and the big purse I carried with my stethoscope, my lunch, a change of clothes, etc. It was the biggest lie of all. MY UNCLE HAD MY MONEY TO HIRE HIS DREAM TEAM OF 5 STAR ATTORNEYS. Appellate courts also never looked at the oddity of it. My father died, and my uncle lied as a witness on the stand, telling the judge and forcing a sobbing cry that he was getting nothing. He had stolen 5 million and it is on public record. And our great legal system didnu2019t see anything. I never got justice. And I have legal abuse syndrome. Itu2019s like posttraumatic stress.

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