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Troys Florist

Troys Florist Burned me for $85.00 brusnwick New Jersey!!. I ordered flowers from Troys florist for a freind who was in the hospital, I get a call telling me they are on back order for the vase that I ordered could they substitute the vase, I said ok. Flowers arrive, they are not the ones I ordered, the message that I added ws not there, the card was signed From Perry Kless, apparently the manager of Troys flowers. My friend had no idea who sent the flowers as the card with it was signed by the manager of Troys Florist, .. So I emailed talked to someone named Alexis, asked that it be rectified with my original order or my money be refunded. She refused saying they have the right to substitute and I authorized it, which I did authorize them to switch the vase not the type of flower, she said she could offer me a 20% refund on my order. I said, uhh I want a full refund or the arrangement I ordered sent along with the message I sent and signed with my name and not Parry Kless, bottom line, she refused with this message: Hi Sunni, unfortunatly since you have refused that offer, we can not process anything to your account without permission, there is nothing further we can offer. We do apologize that there is not more we can do at this time. Part of our commitment and customer service is to work with the best local florists throughout America. We find the hardest working florists in the delivery area and we go above and beyond to make sure the best product is delivered. Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you do change you mind and decide to accept your 20% refund otherwise there is nothing else we are offering to rectify this for you. Thank you Alexis Yes I refused the measly 17.00 that they are willing to refund of the original 85.00. This company is a scam, there is no address, the claim 24 hour delivery, that didnt happen either . This company is lacking the integrity needed to be able to provide the service they offer. Please Please dont get into the same situation I got into with them..

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