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On asking for a refund, I was denied.

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02 September 2019

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We have often heard people saying how one should not be attached to materialistic things. What we should actually be taught is that if you have worked day and night for a materialistic thing, no matter how much anyone tells you not to care about it, you can’t help thinking about it. The fact is – I always had a dream of owning a sports car since childhood. It took me almost six years to fulfil my dream of owning one of the most innovative and magnificent inventions of technology – The sports car. I bought a BMW almost a year ago and I still feel the same way today as I did when I first laid my eyes upon the car.
Unfortunately, the car was involved in a terrible accident. Most of the parts got damaged and I had to get them all repaired. I had been thinking to get some new-tinted windows for various reasons – 1) Protection from UV Rays, 2) To increase the aesthetics of the car. It was time to now act upon my thought. I did not want to compromise on quality and so I made sure to do proper research before opting for a Window tinting shop. It took me some time to finalize, but after a lot of thought, I went for Tritek Window Tinting. So, the day my car came back after being repaired, I took it to Tritek Window Tinting. After meeting with the shop’s employee, I took my time to explain the special bond I had with the car. I did so because I wanted them to know how much the car meant to me. After giving them proper instructions about my choice of tint and requesting them more than three times to take care of my car, I handed the keys to the employee and left. I was told I would be contacted after the completion of the job. More than ten days passed and I did not get any call from them.

Worried, I called them and I was told that it would take another week or so for the car to be ready with the tinted windows. After another nine days, I finally got a text message from them stating that I could come and collect my car. It was the last part of the repairing process and I was excited about my car’s new look.
The words ‘infuriated’ and ‘disappointed’ would not be enough to describe what I felt the moment I laid eyes upon my car. All I wanted to do then was find the person who did that to my car and beat the shit out of him. There were evident scratches on the “new tinted’ windows. The colour was different than what I had told them. The quality of the glass was the worst I have ever seen in a BMW.
All I want to say is – Tritek Window Tinting should be shut down as soon as possible as it would be a shame for the whole country if it keeps on operating.

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