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Triple A Air Conditioning & Construction

Triple A Air Conditioning & Construction Zee Armand Zahid Hussain Con Man. Took the deposit and never did the work, or return the money. Palm Desert CA!!. Donu2019t use Triple A Air Conditioning & Construction! Zee Armand (AKA Zahid Hussain) of Triple A Air Conditioning & Construction took our deposit didnu2019t do the work and left the siding off our house! We found Zee Armand (AKA Zahid Hussain) on and asked him to give us an estimate on removing some dry rot, replacing a shower in our guest bathroom and installing some sheet vinyl in both the guest and master bathrooms. The estimate for the shower seemed reasonable, but for the flooring he was charging over $20 per square foot and we had already purchased the flooring ourselves. From Home Advisor: Installing sheet vinyl costs around $3/sf. Installing luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) or planks (LVP) costs considerably more, hovering at $7 per sq. ft.. Zee was the third contractor we had out to look at the bathroom and so by that point we were stressed and frustrated and after negotiating the flooring price down, we still decided to use his services and paid him a 10% deposit of $500. He was then supposed to come over the next day with his helper to look at the job and determine the tools they would need. He cancelled due to rain and said he would start on Monday instead. He arrived on Monday with his helper, took off a couple pieces of the siding of our house to expose the dry rot and told us that he was going to Home Depot to get supplies and update the estimate. He said he would be back in the afternoon and around 2:00 he still wasnu2019t back yet, so we contacted him to find out what was going on. At that point he proceeded to tell us that because of the little bit of mold that was there, that if a mold remediation team came out to remove it would cost us over $5000, but that he could do it for $1550. At that point we cancelled the job and demanded that he return our deposit. Long story short, he never gave us our $500 deposit back. Upon further investigation it was found that he has had numerous small claims judgments against him. He is also operating without a Home Improvement certification and isnu2019t certified to remove mold!

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