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Tripfur Verto Travels Tricked me with an enticing Travel plan charged nd cancelled tickets Astoria NY!!. Sender website : IP Address : Physical address : 34 – 38 12th Street, Astoria, NY 11106 These Tripfur agents are not only fraud but are scammers who can sweet talk and attract futher clients. We were supposed to travel to India via Paris by Air France on December 22nd,2018. My ticket was cancelled by TRIPFUR and reasons they gave were AIRFRANCE is responsible for cancelling my tickets due to OVEBOOKING which is not true. #TRIPFUR #SCAM I scheduled conference call between Tripfur agent and Airfrance . Tripfur agent knows he is fraud so he disconnected his call when Airfrance agent was explaining the reasons as how it got cancelled and she has put notation under my tickets all the details. Those of you who are suppose to travel and got affected kindly call AIRFRANCE/ Delta agent on phone # 800-237-2747. They will clearly explain. Never trust these people any time. They are all fraud. They blame airlines but in reality they have sold our ticket to someone else for high price to make money but they will face consequences for sure. AIRFRANCE clearly told us that TRIPFUR illegally cancelled the tickets on December 13th . These tickets were done bulk booking and they have purchased from Dallas TX office or from some another agent. They cancelled our tickets quietly on December 13th,2018 and sent us an email December 18th 11:40 pm CST. As soon as we received their email we called them and they let us know that it was quite late at night and we should call in the morning. They also gave several incorrect statements like they were trying to reach us since many days .In reality, they never called us and was waiting till the last minute. The blamed AIRFRANCE for our ticket cancellation and said AIRFRANCE sent them an email after cancelling our tickets from their side. When we asked them to send us the email from AIR FRANCE they denied because their company policy prevents them from forwarding internal email to customers. Then they were trying to explain that AIRFRANCE had glitch in their software and has cancelled my tickets but in reality these crooks have sold my ticket for very high price to another customer to travel on the same day. They have not only put my travel in jeopardyu2019s on top of it the TTIPFUR Super visor is coming up with options like NEW RESERVATIONS with totally new COST all over again. The previous tickets money was gone. All eaten by them . They claimed it’ll be returned in 10-15 business days or 4-6 weeks and what not. But reality is money has been digested. These new FRAUD SCHEME they are offering at no fault of mine. Please help me as well as all affected customers so that their license is cancelled and in future cannot cheat people and make reservations to their flights.

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