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TripBeam Travel

I wanted to book ticket for one itinerary, online i got it for 705 USD after some research, then when i contacted Tripbeam, they offered me in 615 USD. So, i booked through him (Pawan Kumar was my contact agent), I instantly provided all info. he needed including payment details so that we dont loose deals. He did not tell me that deal will expire, he told me that process will take 24 to 48 hours but it will be done. Then, on next day he called me and emailed me (I have email i can attach if requested by anyone), that deal is expired from Airline side. This is really not done, he should have clarified that he is taking chance. If really deal is expiring, then he should bare the cost, he can”t give me surprise on next day that the price can”t be honored esp. when he has taken all payment details. Last, Tripbeam is doing business, if they have committed something, they have to honor it, if there is loss, customer MUST NOT be at loss. They should be ready to bear it. If they want to enjoy the profit and earning, they have to be good enough to bare the loss ESP. WHEN CUSTOMER IS NOT AT FAULT.


  1. Elicia Ringer May 26, 2020
  2. Elizabeth Storrer May 26, 2020

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