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Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) Kong Limited ) Hong Kong license 352367 canceled our hotel booking before the flight and when we called the hotel they told us never contacted them!!. I want to warn everyone not to book with trip.comthey offer lower prices, and when you book, just before your flight, they will cancel booking and ruin your schedule. And they give you a missed call and immediately write you an email saying that they called you to explain everything but you didn’t pick up, so your booking is canceled. I have checked many websites, and the reviews are the same , saying they are illegitimate.I would like to add that my booking number is 9165419530. We wrote them an email asking what happened. And when answered, they said it wasn’t their fault,but the hotel canceled booking because of nationality?!? Immediately we called the hotel, and spoke to the hotel manager, who said and confirmed that it was a lie and never hotel cancels a booking because of nationality, so it’s a fraud from just to get away with it. The manager said that never anyone on behalf of contacted the hotel. We travel to Egypt every year and never have seen something like that. We also previously wrote and informed that we meet our friends at the hotel, like 15 people, including the same nationality, we all got visas, but they were lucky to deal with the right and honest online agent. So what we were left with is ruined vacation which was planned long ago and in one minute all the plans were ruined by the fraud of I hope this information will help others. Never book with Do your research about this company before you book. if we were wise and did our research before, we wouldn’t have been in this situation now. They cause a big moral damage to us. I wish a lawyer can start a court case against and claim for their website closure, as we have found too many people on other websites got cheated by and claim it’s a fraud.thank you

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