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Trinity Solar

Trinity Solar Jim Baich Scam Artist; Lied about power purchase agreement, didn’t provide contract and had me sign his ipad without showing disclosure Wall Township New Jersey!!. Jim Baich came to my house on 4/29/2019 due to a referral in regards to their adversiting signs of FREE SOLAR. Total scam artist, the whole time he was showing me bits and pieces about the free solar program on his ipad; he showed me some customer reviews and told me I’d save more than 1/2 off my current electric provider, national grid. I asked If I elected to go with the power purchase agreement and changed my mind in the future, would the solar panel installation be removed without any questions/penalties? His answer was YES. I also asked if I had any roof issues while the solar panels were on my roof, would it be fixed for free? His answer was YES. Jim told me whatever he needed so I would agree to the power purchase agreement; nothing of which is in the actual contract. He’d get to signature spots on his ipad and have me sign without any context of what I was actually signing. A few months after the initial visit of Jim, the solar panels were installed. Note, I never received the contract on 4/29/2019 or anytime thereafter. I was called by Caitlin Norris, (732) 780-3779 on 5/4/2018 stating an email was sent to me where the documents had to be signed immediately so they can be on file for my finance advisor as they were required documents. I responded with I am not signing anything. I never received any type of contract and don’t even know what this purchase sales agreement entails. She informed she would send the contract that day. Today, 5/17/2018 I received the contract in the mail. Contract terms is nothing as Jim Baich informed me on 4/29/2017. Within the contract, a signature page is enclosed where it clearly states: I have read this power purchase agreement and the exhibits in their entirety and I acknowledge that I have received a complete copy of this power purchase agreement. Low and behold, my signature appears. These terms and conditions nor a complete copy of the power purchase agreement were never persented to me on 4/29/2019 by Jim Baich at any point when he was asking for my signatures. This contract is null and void and I will not sign any further documents. I’d like this solar installation completely removed from my house without any charges and penalties. I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR THIS.

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