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Trinity Solar, SunRun

Trinity Solar, SunRun Present false information Denver CO Colorado!!. In November of 2017, a representive from Trinity Solar (Joe Fadule) came to my home to speak with me regarding getting solar panels. I had just moved into my home in March of the same year. He explained that he would have to check my credit to see if I qualified but continued run his “spiel” on how much of a benefit getting solar panels would be for me. I immediately stopped him and told him that I did not need to hear about the product if I did not qualify and asked him to run my credit first. He quickly did and went on to tell me I qualified. I then explained that I hadn’t been in my house very long and did not need any bills in addition to what I was already paying for electrical services to my home. He told me that this would be the best thing to do to cut overall cost. He told me that I would still receive a very small invoice from my electric company for a service charge and he actually gave me the amount of $5.62 and my invoice from Sunrun would be $76. I repeatedly asked him to be as clear as possible with me because I am a single parent of a special needs person and could not afford to pay anything above that amount. I also told him that my electric was always a certain amount of which I am comfortable with and did not want any additional bills. He assured me that this was not the case. The panels were installed on December 27th, 2017. I received three additional change orders, the first one being $76 (the amount I was quoted); the second being $70; and the third one being $87, which I was not aware of. During this time contractors came to check my electrical services and other checks, then on December 27th, came to install the actual panels. The panels were up and supposedly working on April 17th, 2018. I received a welcome note from Sunrun inviting me to sign up for auto pay directly through my bank and when I went on the site to do this, I noticed that my bill each month for the first year would be $86. This was not what I agreed upon when the representative was here. I then called Sunrun on April 17th, never received a return call. I then wrote to them via their customer service website. I received an acknowledgement of my note right away but still no answers to my questions about how or why the amount had changed. On May 1st, 2018, I received a note stating that my bill would $75. and if I signed up for automatic payments, my bill would be $70.92. This system has been up and running supposedly since April 17th. Today, May 3rd, I received a bill from my Electric Company for $110.77. I immediately called Sunrun and spoke with someone named Marcos. I told him what the representative told me about receiving a small from my electric company and I told about the bill I had received today. Marcos said that he doesn’t know why the representative (Joe Fadule) would tell me such a thing because charges would always vary, but vary by $100? I explained to him that I cannot afford and will not pay 2 electric bills each month (one from my electric company and one from them) which I clearly explained to the representative and would not be forced into hardship. Marcos also went on to explain that my bill each month would be $86, totally different than the amount ($70.92) that I had received in answer to my note to them. Marcos also told me that I was locked in for 20 years and there was nothing I could do about it. I believe that this is a predatory company they prey upon people no matter what the customer tells them as I did. I need to know what recourse I have in this situation.

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