Tri State Used Auto Sales LLC Derrick Williams Peirre Jackson

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Tri State Used Auto Sales LLC Derrick Williams Peirre Jackson

Tri State Used Auto Sales LLC Derrick Williams Peirre Jackson Pierre Jackson / Derrick Williams Tri state used auto sales LLC cincinnati ohio on Hamilton Ave are two brothers who scam people out their down payment! Cincinnati Ohio!!. I put a down payment on a vehicle in March,at tri state used auto sales LLC .The dealer Derick Williams told me he was going to look for me a Lexus. I been waiting on this Lexus for two months. I got texts to show it was trying to find out what’s taking so long. He did not get back with me for weeks. I told him I didn’t want to keep paying on the rental I was driving . He told me he had a car i can drive for free until the Lexus get shipped! We didn’t have a agreement on paying on it or a promissory note! I waited another month still no word. I didn’t get approved for the Lexus. I want to purchase the vehicle he let me drive for free .and put the down-payment on the vehicle he said I got approved for it. I came in to do the paperwork all was good. Then His brother Peirre Jackson told me the bank sent the contract back to them. I ask why he told me i didn’t sign on time! Lier!I been at my job for two years! Then he told me my second job not showing i work there! I told him i can show him pay stubs to prove i was employed there! They didn’t want to pay the 49.00 dollars to get employment verification. ! But they can take my down payment.! Crooks!They use every excuse to not give me back my money.! I did paper work three times! and now they telling me the third party keep sending the contract back! Liers! I called the bank they told me they never received the contract.I called Thier ” so called third party” appone they told me to talk to the dealer bout the contract. They put the wrong mileages on the contract and sale price.tryna to get more money from the banks .Derick told me to file bankruptcy when”if” the loan get approved, right then I knew he was a crook! The same vehicle was purchased to a guy in March. How u going to say I got approved for the same vehicle you sold to a guy in March!Then tried to sell it to me in June! Three months after! What they doing is taking people down payments and then taking the vehicle back saying the third party keep sending the contracts back. I told them I want my hard earned money back,since the loan didn’t get approved. They refuse to give it back. Perrie was willing to give me a small partial of my money back then he told me he was not giving it to me. I filed a police report and talk with the sheriff department. They told me this is fraud and theft. I’m suing both Brothers in court.!!!

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