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Trec LLC

Trec LLC TROUT REAL ESTATE & CONSTRUCTION, LLC Trey Trout William Howard Trout III Shady Contractor and Real Estate Agent Savannah Georgia!!. We hired Wiliam Trey Trout III aka Trey Trout of Trec LLC for our house remodeling project. We were initially quoted $40.000 for the whole project and signed a contract. We ended up paying over $65.000 after contractor told us that he will not be able to finish within initial budget. The contractor told us he will not charge for his labor after we had reached $45.000 but only for material and labor cost of his sub-contractors and employees. Once we reached $65.000 I informed the contractor that I can not spend more. Next day contractor sends us an email that he won’t come back because he can’t work for free. The contractor did not pull required permits and did not consult and involve other professionals needed to assure security for what he was going to do. E.g.; statically changes were done which would have required professional consultation like from an architect. The county’s building inspector put a stop on the construction after he looked at the work done due to security and safety issues. The inspector called Georgia Power immediately to disconnect power to the house. Electrical and plumbing and other needed permits were not existent and we had to pay fines to the county. I pulled a permit now as a homeowner to continue renovation. But the scope of reworking everything that has been done wrong and just to bring everything up to minimum building codes even, exceeds by far our financial resources. Bottom line the contractor turned a working and safely habitable house into a not secure inhabitable house. He destroyed our house. We are now being forced to pay rent and can’t move in our house due to all the issues described since September 2019 and don’t know how to move back into our house.

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