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Treasure Coast Harley Davidson

Treasure Coast Harley Davidson Sold me a maintenance agreement and ripped me off. stuart fl!!. I bought a 2019 Street Glide from TCHD in April 2017. Shortly after that I had to move so I could get radation treatments for Prostate Cancer in Gainsvill, Fl I traded the street glide I bought from TCHDn 2019 for a 2019 road glide special I purchased in Ocala at War Horse Harley Davidson. I now live in Ocala. During the purchase of the road glide, I called Virgina Duffy from the Stuart office and discussed my maintenance and warranty and she stated she would cancel the warranty but not the service plans because Stuart Harley owns the maintenance. She said my new road glide would be covered under the street glides maintenance agreement. She was very addiment about this. There’s no better way to say, I was sold a bill of goods I cant use. Stuart Harley Davidson has conducted all of my Road Glides maintenance as per this agreement. Now under new ownership my agreement is no longer valid. Here is the response from the general manger Darin Mr Ward, I understand your concerns, and I hear what your saying. but under the agreement that was signed in Finance, It states,in more than one place, that the Treasure Coast PPM contract is non Cancel-able. We do transfer the contracts to purchases from our dealership, but not dealerships under different ownership. I understand your frustration. but there are many dealers that follow this same policy. we have 8 just in our group. My response to him: Not one place in my signed (attached) Treasure Coast Harley-Davidson Advantage Maintenance Agreement dated 4-11-17 does it state this maintenance agreement is non transferable under ANY conditions. It doesn’t state I have to buy another bike from you to maintain this agreement. It doesn’t even say I have to do my maintenance at your location. You have completed MY planned maintenance per this maintenance agreement for the last 10,000 miles, why because I have PAID for a planned maintenance agreement. You have on the other hand decided to rescind a contract that is bought and paid for. This maintenance agreement as written allows me to have ANY motorcycle I own to have planned maintenance conducted anywhere. Its your plan, I paid for it, you honor it. Pretty simple. I retired from the Coast Guard in the Palm Beaches and moved to Ocala shortly after I bought the street glide. I should not be expected to purchase a bike from the Stuart Harley-Davidson store and be REQUIRED to continue purchase bikes there because I have a maintenance agreement. This is fraud.

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