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TreadWright Tires

TreadWright Tires Refuse to warranty new tires Houston Texas!!. My report to the NHTSA is as follows: I am reporting a unsafe set of 4 “Treadwright Tires” 285/75/16 Gaurd Dog tires with less than 100 miles and less than a year old, that are bulging and separating. One is bulging/blistering over 1/2″ from high to low around the diameter and has tread lug cracks at their base, and the other 3 are bulging/separating 1/8″-3/16″. These are unsafe for highway use. Treadwright contacted, but appears unconcerned about their tire safety. These tires were purchased Jan 3 ’18, and I received them in early March. Tire Pros mounted and balanced them, and voiced concern that the tires couldn’t be balanced. When taken back to Tire Pros, they determined all the tires were separating with one about to fail completely. I will ship these to NHTSA for evaluation and testing in the interest of public safety, and to determine if Treadwright should continue manufacturing highway use tires using their current practices. TreadWright is engaged in selling unsafe tires for public highway use, as evidenced by the other 4 reports on this website over the last year. Do not purchase their tires if you value life, limb, and property.

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