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Disgusting place with painful delays

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18 September 2019

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We have been taking my fur babies here for quite a long time, however, the client administration at this spot has turned out to be so terrible I’ve moved my business somewhere else. Twice over the most recent 2 months, they botched my appointment times and neither one of the times did they attempt to follow through on their mess up. I accept they’re under the new administration and they’ve lost the great administration they used to have. They’ve likewise lost a decent customer. For more than ten years, I utilized this vet and adored every little thing about it. They were totally incredible. But now things have changed, four of our creatures gave their lives here. They treated us with, indecency and ungraciously. With the retirement of the lead specialist, everything changed. What they don’t let you know is that they are currently kept running by some idiots. We took our two little hounds in there and were seen by a vet named Brittany who we had never known about and our bill was multiple times what we were cited. Their only objective presently clearly is nourishing cash to the “organization.” Today I was asked by an employee from “the company” to acquire four of my pets for blood work and tests…They force you to get unnecessary tests just to earn more cash. It’s immensely pitiful that individuals who have confided in this spot for a considerable length of time and have a forceful passionate connection to it can never again identify with it or trust it. When I called to clarify why I wouldn’t come in, they abused me over the phone as though I had said something untrue. I’m now gonna get another vet. And I would advice ya’ll to find another place for your pet too!!! I put my poor dog through a superfluous hip strategy, but the issue still exists after the medical procedure/recuperation. Goodness, I noticed that she got contamination after the medical procedure. After the procedure, the specialist Dr. Seder, suggested that most likely it would be better if our dog shed some pounds. She did and her hips adjusted themselves. Perhaps that should have been suggested in the first examination process so that my dog wouldn’t have had to go through a painful procedure. I profoundly discourage you to go to Travis Country Vet Hospital. After moving to Austin years back, I was unfortunate to have discovered this terrible vet! I had no other place to go and that was the reason I kept on going there. Each visit with my pets was constant torture and their uncaring behavior disappointed me every time I went there. They constantly delayed the appointment for examinations and I was annoyed with their unprofessional behavior they had. The hospital is small and needs a serious renovation. I am never going back here.

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