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TransUnion Credit Montoring

TransUnion Credit Montoring transunion said I will get my credit score for $1.00 Internet!!. My situation is; Iu2019m trying to find a job. Every so often I get emails from employment web sites. Today, I got an email saying, u201cwe got a job match for you.u201d So, I opened the email from I went to the website. They showed me a preview of the jobs available in my area that match up to my field. They have companies and positions posted that I havenu2019t seen yet. It looks interesting and could be helpful. But of course, you need to create an account first. I click the u201ccreate an accountu201d link. Then, I get a pop up that says, u201cDID YOU KNOW MOST COMPANIES CHECK YOUR CREDIT REPORT BEFORE HIRING YOU?u201d u201cGET YOUR FREE CREDIT SCORE HERE. They said my reputation and values are reported by credit agencies. It said u201cClick hereu201d to see what they say about you. So, I clicked. TransUnion website pops up. One of the three big credit reporting agencies. TransUnion says they need my credit card number to verify Iu2019m really me. They will only charge a dollar. They need to verify your identity with your credit card. I gave them my credit card because I thought they needed to verify my identity with my credit card. This was a onetime charge. I saw nothing about a monthly subscription. Iu2019m looking for a job. I need to make money not spend money. I followed the directions to get my credit score, so I can get a job. A screen popped up and gave me my score, thatu2019s it, nothing else. Then it disappeared, and another screen popped up, saying I got a dollar worth of viewing. The show is over. I got a dollar worth. I have the option to pay more to continue viewing or I can purchase more reports to see who is reporting me. I closed out. I went back to my email to try to find the website that claimed to u201chave a job matchu201d for me. However, I clicked on the email receipt from TransUnion. I scrolled and scrolled (about 4 pages) to the bottom. At the very bottom, there was a disclosure saying: You have purchased a subscription product. For your convenience, your payment card will automatically be charged $19.95 (plus tax where applicable) per month, while your subscription continues. Information about our cancellation policy and how to cancel your subscription can be accessed here. Did I just get scammed? Yup, I just got scammed. Because, I know I didnu2019t purchase a u201csubscription productu201d from TransUnion. I did not agree to be automatically charged $19.95 per month. TransUnion credit reporting agency just ripped me off. Iu2019m mad but more embarrassed for being so easy to scam. My face got a little bit red, and my ears felt hot. But my anger is at myself for being stupid. TransUnion does not make it easy to cancel. Everything is cryptic. I waited on hold for about 5 minutes for someone to answer. I wanted to get snippy with the customer service rep who was helping me, but she just has a job, and thatu2019s all I want. A job.

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