Transform Derma Anti-Aging Face Serum

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Transform Derma Anti-Aging Face Serum

Transform Derma Anti-Aging Face Serum When you search for the product by name on Google and go into the site it comes up with the picture of what you want but when you click the link to buy the product, it brings you to a completely different product. So if you’re not paying attention, you’ll purchase some you didn’t want. N!!. I got locked into the scam that all online companies seem to be doing. They lure you in with a “pay only shipping chargesu201d comment but if you donu2019t read the “termsu201d page, you donu2019t know of the upcoming charges along with monthly shipping of the product. I understand why they do it. Most people donu2019t look at their charge card bills closely each and every month. Who has the time? So it will be months before people notice this weird charge and start to investigate. By then the company has been paid the full charges for the original item you had been told only shipping charges applied plus the new charges of shipping and product charges for however long it has taken you to notice the issue. Even if itu2019s noticed right away, you stil have to now pay for a trial product that had been labeled as a free item. So you call to request that they cancel this program you had no idea you were in to begin with and you get high pressure sales people who keep offering lower and lower discounts to keep you in the program. What should have taken less than 2 minutes to do ended up being very stressful and taking 20 minutes. I had to finally raise my voice and pretty much yell over the womanu2019s voice to get her to understand I donu2019t want an automatic shipment each month. She kept asking me how I like the cream and did it work. The truth is that I hadnu2019t even taken it out of the shipping box. So now a couple months later Iu2019ve used the face cream and actually like it. Iu2019d like to get more. But the only way to purchase it is through the forced program. I am loath to get involved but there doesnu2019t seem to be any other way. But when I click on the links that supposedly go to the product, there is a different product there. This looks to be a bait and switch issue along with the numerous others. Iu2019m hoping to keep searching and come across the product being sold by legitimate stores.

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