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Transcription Hub ILLEGAL PAY – HALF OF MINIMUM WAGE Internet!!. I am a professional transcriptionist with years of experience. Online I applied to a firm called Transcription Hub. It said that my rate of pay would be based upon an evaluation test I was to take. The test was 10 min. of audio in length, three speakers, and the main speaker had an Australian accent. I did an excellent transcription and was sent an employment contract to work for Transcription Hub. Much of the contract is egregious but what stood out was the rate of pay. For one hour of audio, Transcription Hub said it would pay $22. To a novice, this would sound great. In fact, it is one-half of the minimum wage in the State of Washington where this firm is based. The industry standard is, an hour of clear audio takes 4 hours to complete. Do the math, please. That works out to $5.50 an hour. Minimum wage in Washington is $11.00/hr. Add to that, very few tapes have clean/clear audio and an hour more likely takes six to eight hours to transcribe. Do not work for this company. Do not sign their contract. If you do you will be in a position where you have to contractually give the company 30-days notice before you can stop working for them. I, of course, have written them and advised them that what they’re doing is illegal. This is a warning not to have anything to do with Transcription Hub.

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