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Trading Made Easy Frank Lewis

Trading Made Easy Frank Lewis Trading made easy, aka W.E.B.B.Frank Lewis aka James Viscuglia Trading on line. Buying a program for $6000. Monthly fee with Ensign for $50. $199 a month for Frank to tell you how to trade. 2 to three days a week Frank is not there. You pay $199 for his expertise which is not there. You also have an account with TransAct Futures . Frank does not trade with an account he trades with a SIM Account which is very easy to do when you trade with real money things do not work out the same way at all . Las Vegas, NV Nevada Internet!!. Trading made easy it’s not easy. I talked to trans act futures. I was wondering why Frank had an SiM account. The gentleman at Trans act futures told me that 90 to 95% of the people in trading made easy lose all their money. Before I brought The program I looked all over the Internet to see if there were any bad reviews on trading made easy. This program does not work like Frank’s says it should work. There is no training no videos to watch the videos that he gives you have nothing to do with the trading and the training he wants you to do is just to practice trading. there’s more to this than just practicing on the trading platform. Frank tells you when he is selling this program, that you only have to trade between 7am and 9 am Pacific time zone. This is also the same time. That Frank is on the Internet trying to teach you how to trade instead he tells us about his cars his daughter school his teeth his mom having a stroke. Frank sends out a newsletter once a week telling you how many contracts or points you got for the week and if you were in there and you were trading $100 or $1000 you would’ve made this much money. These contracts or points are not made during the hours of 7 AM to 9 AM. One morning at opening bell Frank made three points or three contracts I asked him if he was counting these points towards his points for the week all I got was crickets. On a Sunday night Frank did some trading and said he got four points or four contracts I asked again if that was going to be counted toward his weekly points crickets again. On an average you can make maybe two points for points at the most in a weeks time. And not between the hours of 7 AM to 9 AM that is not a true statement. I paid $199 to listen to him talk for a couple of months and Frank averaged only three days a week of being on line. Frank sells this idea on the Internet and he has a Gentleman name Dax Who has called in saying he’s a successful trader and that he is a plastic surgeon at 28 years old. There is no way you could be a plastic surgeon at 28 years old and less you are a genius because you need to go to college and get a bachelors degree then you have to get a medical degree and you have to do residency which is 3 to 5 years and then two years to three years in the plastic surgeon. He has been networking DAX that is with some of the people in trading made easy going on and on about his surgeries or what he’s doing I told the young people there is no way you have to be at least 33 years old. and by the way he was in the Navy for several years he is down right now After hearing about Dax, I started to do some research and found out that Frank Lewis is not Frank Lewis he is aka James Viscuglia. And trading made easy this year has changed its name to W.E.B.B. When Folks try to sue, James and or trading made easy Frank came to be. and so did this new company name. When I found out last week from TransAct futures that 90% of the folks loss their money I wonder, why nobody has done anything about this . Frank is playing on the elderly and handicapped. I am a senior citizen and this should not be happening. The program is $6000 You need Ensign $50 a month TransAct Futures also has fees and if you do not trade they wii take money from you And if you listen to Frank on a regular basis that’s another $199 a month and he is only there part of the time.

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