Toyota of Downtown LA and Toyota of Culver City

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Toyota of Downtown LA and Toyota of Culver City

Toyota of Downtown LA and Toyota of Culver City Sergio Cruz (Finance Director of Toyota Downton LA in the past and currently of Toyota Hollywood) Marco Martinez (Sales Consultant and lease department of Toyota Culver City) Matt (Finance department of Toyota Downtown LA) Harassed and extorted by Sergio Cruz California Los Angeles!!. 2018 I went to acquire a vehicle at Toyota of Downtown Los Angeles. First time leasing a car. The sales consultant that assisted me was Ray Contreras he was great, very respectful and professional. The nightmare began with the finance guy whos name is Sergio Cruz. The day after I started to receive texts from Sergio Cruz on my personal cell in which he got from my vehicle application. Sergio began conversations related to the vehicle and then it started to get weird when he started invinting me out. I tried to be polite and avoided him, after I refused to go out with him after several tries. I got a call from him days later in which he demanded me to go back to the dealer. He yelled and insulted me that my loan was not approved. He did this to me in 3 different occassions. I got 3 contracts in which he extorted me out of $9,000 or I would get the vehicle repo by the dealer. Due to the pressured and harrassment I ended up paying close to $20,000 for a 3 year lease due to hidden fees that where never disclosed and cancellation fees. I was finally able to complain to a supervisor and tried to end up in good terms. According to that supervisor, Sergio Cruz / Toyota Finance was removed from his position was not going to be hired by Toyota ever. 3 years later, I go back to Toyota Downtown of Los Angeles and was assisted by the General Manager and Matt from finance. Matt tried to convince me to acquire another lease and gave me the runaround once again after I told him about my unfortunate experience. So I decided to return my lease to Toyota Culver City in which Marco Martinez received my vehicle on February 2nd. So I was to get a deposit returned. But the vehicle was not reported returned until a month later.. adding un-necessary fees once again and still unable to claim my deposit still to this day. Adding insult to injury Sergio Cruz still works at Toyota Hollywood. Horrible experience with Toyota.

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