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Total Trivia They devalued their currency in the game to steal back value that existing successful players have earned. Plymouth Minnesota!!. I have played on this site for a year. The site was once a lot of fun, but greed has taken over. If you paid in a few months ago and just came back, you would quickly learn that your investment has lost a lot of value because they are practically giving coupons away now. Save your money!!! Update on 3/15/18: This company is on a very dangerous course. They offer to compensate people to make reviews. But if they dont like your reviews, they will close your account. This is a company based in Finland, and its abundantly clear they dont understand the freedom of speech that we covet in the United States. I have been harassed on their site. I received a DEATH THREAT on their site. I submitted a complaint to the BBB, and based on recent history, they are likely to close my account down soon as well. This nonsense is on top of their greedy policies of regularly devaluing their currency within the game to steal from the existing players who played within the system. Many unhappy customers were complaining about TT on the Reviews section of their FB page. Well, they removed that Reviews link from the FB page. Its gone ENTIRELY!! The harassments & DEATH THREAT on their site came through the use of instant upload avatars. They dont seem to care much because harassment and intimidation measures through the use of avatars continues against me and my wife. They wont spend the resources to review the avatars before they go live. Somebody could post mortifying images and they are uploaded and viewable instantly. The other day there was a picture of a totally naked woman. There have been bigotted messages against minorities. This is NOT a family friendly site!!! I have had as much success on this site as anybody, in spite of their policies. So, I must really feel strongly to rock the boat like this and risk them closing my account as well for speaking out against improper business conduct on many levels. 3/31/18 Update: As I suspected, they closed my account in violation of the Consumer Review Fairness Act. If you speak out, you are in jeopardy. If you get harrasssed or even a death threat, they wont much care.

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