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Toshiba American Information System

Toshiba American Information System Bad Products, scam warranty Irvine California!!. I bought my new satellite laptop from Toshiba and months later the microphone stopped working. Though some may say this is not a big issue, but when someone spends $1200 dollars on a laptop, you’d expect it to work. Called their customer service hotline, they agreed to fix it because we found out that it needed to be sent back but i’d have to pay to send it to them. Yes people, its still under warranty but I have to pay to send it to them to fix, even though its their faulty product that I have to send it back in the first place. I asked if there were any place near me for me to just drop off, but there wasn’t. I sent the laptop after my school semester ended. I had three weeks before school started again. I got it back a month later and the problem was not fix!!!! Called them again, went through the whole process, they said i’d have to send it back again. Told them I cant send it back now because the semester already started. They said your warranty will expire so they cant waive it. So long story short, I should of listened to everyone else and got an Apple…….biggest mistake going with Toshiba. I hope others read this, and do your customer service research on which ever company you plan to buy from. sorry for the long post :

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