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Tort Division

Tort Division A Contractor of Sovereign Filing Solutions Sovereign Filing Solutions handed me off to Tort Division, $8100 and 2 1/2 Years Later No Work Done or Refund Columbus, Ohio!!. I had hired Sovereign Filing Solutions to help me prepare and file a Legal Remedy with the Federal Courts regarding a Criminal Case I was convicted in. I first appealed to the Initial Court, then the Appeals Court through a contractor named “Gary”, and had moved on to the Supreme Court Phase of my Appeal through another contractor by the name of “Tort Division”. Sovereign Filing Solutions made all the arrangements with the Secondary Contractors. I signed the contract, paid the money, and nothing was initiated. Tort Division’s excuse was that I had went off in search of “Bond” generated by the Court and the case could not move forward because those “Bonds” had been pulled due to my Investigation. I did go off in search of said “Bonds” to see if they were real, if they even existed since Sovereign Filing Solutions and Tort Division would not show proof of their existence. At the 2 Year mark I asked for a refund. I was told no refund would be made even if services were not rendered. It was all my fault that I wanted proof of something I had paid earlier to Sovereign Filing Solutions to secure for the Court Case. A couple days ago, at the 2 1/2 year mark I have had enough. I demanded a refund immediately. I was denied. This is when I did a little research on “TORT DIVISION”. Here is what I found. You be the Judge if you would do business with this company. Company Profile Owner of Tort Division I confronted Mr Botts about his record, where the company is located (in an attic apartment over a car garage at a house), and other strange items. He claimed that Terrance Lynn Botts was not same person as he. He claimed he would be suing me for defamation of character if I spoke about it to anyone. I told him I was going to the FBI as he had clearly Defrauded me of money. He told me Tort Division and Sovereign Filing Solutions are regularly “AUDITED” by the FBI and he would be glad to have “Coffee” with them at his Home/Business. So, I filed a Criminal Report with the FBI about this Fraud. He will be having coffee with some FBI Agents shortly.

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