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Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) Steven Roy Goodman BAD EXPERIENCE WITH STEVEN ROY GOODMAN OF TOPCOLLEGES.COM Washington, DC Dist of Columbia!!. My experience with Steve is that I feel I have been scammed by him. He had stated he is an Educational Consultant, and I gave him a very large sum of money for College Admissions Consulting for my daughter. He asked for the money to be deposited directly into his bank account, and I literally have not heard from him since then.Steven Roy Goodman runs this business on the side of his legal business called ( this business, he charges up to $43,750 for 3 years of College Admissions counseling services to help your child get into the best colleges. I would never recommend Steve to anyone. He does not allow comments on his website, and that alone should tell you something. There are no Parent Testimonials. He has not responded or been in contact with me or my daughter since the third month of our contract with him, and it is now more than one year later. He has taken a huge sum of money from me, and has preyed on my desire to find the best help for my daughter. Due to the language in his contract (remember, he IS an attorney), I cannot get my money back. He has not responded to numerous emails, texts, voicemails. He has not attempted to contact me about the services due me in any way.I have utilized two other organizations during the same time I hired Steve, both of whom I would recommend without reservation: The Ivy Dean, and Smart Plan for College. Both of these organizations did the following: 1) They established a rapport with my daughter; 2) They texted my daughter weekly or bi-weekly to follow up on how she was doing continually for more than one year; 3) They were in constant contact with myself and my daughter via email and text with invoices, messages, timelines, tasks for completion, tactics, schedules, etc.; 4) Both companies were exceptionally helpful in giving my daughter direction in how to optimize her college admissions process. Steven has literally done NOTHING at all after receiving his funds—he has virtually disappeared.Work with Steve at your own risk. #collegeadmissionscounselor

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