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Top Car Seller Harry Piao

Top Car Seller Harry Piao Harry Piao Parallel Import/Export Car China Grey Market Richmond BC Nationwide!!. Harry Piao runs a car export business – exporting new vehicles from Canada to China. He hires employees and agents to purchase cars. Here is what you should no about how he conducts business. He alleges that he will reimburse for deposits. He does until you trust his process and then he doesn’t. He cancels purchases that he has authorized and then you lose the deposit If this is your money, you will not be reimbursed. He owes former employees thousands. He authorizes purchases for vehicles on behalf of his clients. Later if client changes mind, he asks you to cancel or just doesn’t give or arrange a pick up, or cancels on the day of pick up. Transfer of title. The process as described is not accurate. Vehicles are not transferred out of your name. Cars are exported still in your name. Financing a vehicle. Once in the transaction, he changes the terms. He paid the downpayment for a luxury car and has left a former employee in a loan with the vehicle in storage. The insurance provided by his company is fake. That leaves you driving without insurance. Referring buyers. He claims he will pay for referred buyers that purchase cars. He doesn’t. He doesn’t care about purchasers or agents that buy cars. If he burns someone, he thinks there is an endless supply of people to do his bidding. The liability agreements that are supposed to protect you against liability are not signed. If you get into trouble with a dealer, you are on your own. He has had his bank accounts shut down for suspected money laundering. He has constant turnover of staff – particularily in accounting. He yells at people and they quit. Makes it very difficult to organize and work. He blames everyone for problems but the key problem is his clients and funds for cars. Clients do not commit to their purchases. Obviously some of these things were not known at the time. Just giving you the benefit of hard learned experience.

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