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TOMMY HORTON, HORTONS CONTRACTING, INC. HORTON’S CONTRACTING, INC., TOM HORTON HORTON CONTRACTING Craigslist Contractor Fraud ,Northwest Indiana and Illinois, INDIANA INDIANA and ILLINOIS!!. This young man, approximately 22 years of age from Highland Indiana (his words) is posting ads on Craigslist (Northwest Indiana and Illinois), posing as a contractor and he took $5,900 from me to install a new brick paver patio and front sidewalk at one of my investment properties. He dropped off a few materials (some bricks and some sand) to make it look like they were working, but he only worked (1) day on the patio and never showed up thereafter. I called him on numerous occasions, but he would never answer his phone or return my calls. He also promised to install a new fence for a disabled veteran that is confined to a wheelchair that lives next door to my home, and he took a $1,000 payment weeks ago from my neighbor and never showed up or returned any calls to him either. I want this man Arrested and Prosecuted for going over state line to commit “Theft by Deception” and “Contractor Fraud” (both of which are felonies) on my disabled veteran neighbor and myself, including the return of my $5,900.00 that he swindled from me and the $1,000.00 he swindled from my disabled neighbor. This man must be held accountable for his criminal actions, and I urge everyone that comes across this crooked contractor to contact the local police, State Attorney General’s office and the office of the FBI, because this contractor went over state line, which falls under the jurisdiction of the FBI. Also, and to avoid, people should always take a photo of any contractors driver’s license and have them check out thoroughly and with both State and Federal law enforcement agencies before ever giving them a payment of any kind! Thank you.

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