I would just say that one should stay away from such car dealers.

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04 September 2019

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Transport has always been the most troublesome problem for our family. My family was small but not so small that a motorbike could fulfil our dreams. We had 4 members in our family and all could not fit in one bike. Therefore, we decided to buy a car at a reasonable rate. Since I had very little idea about getting the best deals because of the advancement and different varieties of cars confused me. I decided to hire a person who knows his job best, and who could give me the best deals around the city at a very reasonable rate. I have heard of the ToddsCar team from one of my colleagues and decided to hand over the job to them. Their online page pleased me a lot and attracted me towards them.
I made an appointment with Mr Todd and was called upon the very next day to talk about the new car. I went there before the allotted time and waited for the dealer very keenly to arrive. I had many things in mind to speak about. The dealer was late and I had to keep myself waiting in the lobby nearby. The dealer then arrived but was busy in a call. I decided to wait next to him until the call was over so that I could begin with the talks. He then completed his ‘important’ call and approached me. He asked me about the type of car I wanted. I told him everything I had in mind, though it was taking some time to explain it to him. I am a very talkative person and went on adding things that came up to my mind. To which he said that my list was very big and it would take time to find such a car with all the comfort needs. He then told me to stop because he was sick of listening to me talk. He sent me back home and told me to wait for his call.
3 days passed and I called him up to get some updates. He didn’t pick up the call at first, after several tries he did so. He used to hang up the call as fast as if I was unknown to him and also he didn’t communicate well with me. I had to call him over and over again to make updates. One week passed by and I tried to make him understand that it was taking too long and I couldn’t afford to pay him on a daily basis because I had a car to buy and had to think before I spend. He didn’t pay much attention to my words and hung up the call saying it would take some more time. I decided to wait for the next few days. It was more than 12 days and I was very much annoyed by now and decided to end up the subscription with the dealer at that moment. I called him up and told him to cancel the subscription to which he said that he would charge me a fee for the next three days too. I had no other option but to pay him the money according to the agreement paper.
They are such a spendthrift. Please find a car from a better dealer then the dealers at ToddsCarTeam. Thank you!

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