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Toco Warranty Service Company

Toco Warranty Service Company My Auto repair shop file a claim and was denied. I and the repair shop read over my policy and it stated the VALVE COVER was covered. George at Toco stated to read the fine print- as of today I have not found the fine print stating VALVE COVER is not warranted. My husband call Toco to ask for a Supervisor and was told there was no Supervisor. I have never heard of a business with no one in charge. West Hills CA!!. I have 2018 BMW, Toco warranty is a Scam. George was the agent that was helping me with my claim. My mechanic was in contact the agent and he was advised the Value Cover was not covered. We read the policy over and over and it stated Value Cover was covered. My husband call for the Supervisor and was told there was not a Supervisor. I was then advised to read my policy because of the fine print. OMG, did they really say to read the fine print. I must say they offered to pay for the dianostic test $105.00, George stated at least we are willing to pay for the dianostic. I am grateful for that becasue now I have to try to find transportation because I cannot afford to get my car fix. The reason for the extended warranty is to always be covered for repairs. This is the second time they have denied my claim. I am done with this company. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A WARRANTY FROM TOCO WARRANTY COMPANY.

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