Ting Orthodontic Lab, Inc. Richard Ting

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Ting Orthodontic Lab, Inc. Richard Ting

Ting Orthodontic Lab, Inc. (Richard Ting) Ting Dental Supply, LLC Company Engages in Illegal Work Practices Philadelphia Pennsylvania!!. The name of the owners are Richard and Helen Ting. I have witnessed that they engage in illegal work practices at their lab location in South Philadelphia. First, they refuse to interview and hire people of color, specifically African-American job candidates (which is a violation of civil rights laws). Richard Ting was very specific that he did not want African-American people working for his company. After I was hired with the company, I was deceptively lied to as to how I would receive my paycheck. When I received my first paycheck, the owner stated that he forgot to tell me that my pay would be in the form of a 1099 for the first 90 days. There was no employment agreement presented to me that stated the terms and conditions of employment. No taxes were being withheld from my paycheck. As I was approaching my 90 days of employment, Mr. Ting released me from the job stating that he was financially in the negative and could no longer afford to pay me. Afterwards, I noticed that he was doing the same thing with other employees hired with the company. Another illegal practice is that Mr. Ting does not charge sales tax to customers that purchase his orthodontic products. As a result, it appears that Mr. Ting does not pay State sales tax to any State where he does business nor any other sales taxes that may be required by the City of Philadelphia. I would advise anyone seeking employment or thinking about purchasing products from this company to steer clear of doing any business with Ting Orthodontic Lab, Inc./Ting Dental Supply,LLC. It is a nightmare!!!

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