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Tina 412-306-0877

Tina 412-306-0877 Upon investigation this company also has females by the name of Brittany, Hailey, Leah The pictures are accurate though the services are absurd Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!!. My wife had passed away approximately two years ago. I virtually have no time to date between work, kids, travel and life. Dating at the moment is not feasible. I started to look on Eros and found a picture of Tina. I was impressed. There are a few lovely ladies that advertise though I chose Tina because I am not a very big guy, and I am attracted to petite women. I get my parents to watch my children. I spent hours cleaning my house. I bought expensive alcohol. I worked extra hours that week to make sure that I will not be called in. It took weeks to plan this. And this is why I am imprudent to describe what occured. Red flag number one should have been the price. 160 for a beautiful woman to arrive to your door seems cheap, though I expected to tip extensively. She gets there, and gives the money to her driver. The driver was pleasant for the brief moment although I did not want to cause any trouble due to his size. I looked at Tina and immediately was pleased. She is a petite thing that is quite attractive and her body is amazing. When we were both naked, she began to say that this is a no touch agency and she wants a tip to watch her play with herself. My jaw almost hit the floor. I politely asked her to leave. I have gone to bachelor parties at Blush and received more attention than this B.S. Why am I taking the trouble to write this? Upon doing research, this is a stripper agency. I would loosely use the term stripper. Secondly, we are all not creeps. I have been through hell and back emotionally, finacially, and currently due to the passing of the person that I was with for twenty years. All that I was seeking is the attention of a beautiful woman that advertises online. If you advertise on Eros then you should provide those services. If anyone tries to rebutt this, just go on Indy’s and Erotic Monkey. Huge Scam. Huge Waste of Time. Wrong advertising. If you are reading this then you are doing your research. Now I feel like an a*s for not doing so. I am so mad for wasting my time.

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