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Timeless Auto Sales

Timeless Auto Sales Scamming Scam artists! Internet!!. These guys are slick. They peruse Craigslist for autos for sale, then call letting you know that you can get better results by going through them. DON’T believe a word they say. A trusting older family member with a classic car for sale thought it sounded legit, gave the scummy scammer his credit card number to charge $299.99 for a premium listing. The family member was also given an email address to send photos to for the listing. This is not a tech savvy person, so I was asked to send photos. Being the cautious skeptic I am, I sent an email to Timeless Auto Sales asking for resolution needed on the photos. It immediately came back as no good. I searched the internet and found that they use a .COM and a .NET as their website addresses. I resent the email – no response. I called and the recording said they are only there from 11-4, so leave a message, which I did. Funny thing is they told my family member that they are “open” 10-6. It’s been nearly a week of emails, voice mails, and trying to get a real live person. My family member was charged for an even $200 (not $299.99) and has now asked the credit card company to mark as a fraudulent transaction and refuse any further charges. These guys are nasty snake oil salesmen. Don;t trust them, don’t believe for a minute that their nice looking website is REAL. If you look at some of their five star reviews, the wording is the exact same for several and the ‘happy customers’ all have different names and cities but somehow they all said the exact same thing. Imagine that. It’s difficult enough trying to convince older relatives not to be so trusting without having these human vermin lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce.

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