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Time Warner Cable - now Spectrum

Time Warner Cable – now Spectrum 13.6+% rate raise (on senior citizen with fixed income) Havelock NC!!. After about 5 years as a customer, with constant rate increases that have to be renegotiated at least annually, now that Spectrum has merged with Time Warner they are raising their basic internet price from $52.99 to $79.99 a month, an increase of $27 per month, or 50% of the original bill, which is so large of an increase it should not be legally allowed. They did offer some way by which it could be lowered $10 more, which I turned down, since I am a senior citizen living on Social Security (which has not ever in memory been raised more than 3% and several years in the past 10 has not been raised at all). I have contacted my State’s Attorney General’s Ofice about this because I cannot believe lawmakers ever intended to allow this kind of rate increase; however, in the meantime, people need to know how unconscionable this company is! They do list better prices on the internet to get you to call them, but then say “oh that is for new customers, not existing customers” even though it does not say that, which is misleading and not truthful advertising. This company’s ridiculously huge rate increases need to be stopped. I tried contacting the county to find out who is in charge of franchise regulation that would control what this company charges, and was told they handed it off to the State a few years ago. I contacted the State and was told to file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office, which I am doing as well, but this is just so outrageous that people need to be made aware!

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