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I walked into the Tim Horton’s and ordered 1 dozen donuts and asked if they could be packaged in 2 smaller boxes because they transport better. The teller rang it up as (2) half dozen orders chargin $4 more than the cost of a single dozen. I said i didn’t order that. The teller got the manager who became extremely Rude stating that it was company policy. I left without a purchase, went home and sent an enquiry to Tin Horton’s head office explaining what had happened and asked if this was policy. I received a telephone reply Appologizing for the treatment i received at Tim Horton’s Campbell River outlet and informing me i should not have been charged for 2 half dozens when my order was for 1 Dozen. The Tim Horton’s rep said It is not unrerasonable to ask for the order to be packaged in 2 smaller boxes. They said they would inform the regional Manager and get it straightened out.I just returned to the same store a month later and placed the same order… Same thing all over again . When I explained what head office stated on the subject. The teller went and got the head Manager who was extremely rude and refused to listen or contact Head office. What a waste of time. Customer Service = 0Conclusion… The Tim Horton’s Campbell River store is opperated by theives deliberatly overcharging its customers. If your a charity is receiving money from this store its likely stolen from unsuspecting customers who’ve been over charged. I’ll be filing another complaint with head office as well as a letter to the editor of our local paper.

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