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Tim hortons | Don't need our business

This is retarded, and most adults with any sence will find it just as stupidIt all started at a set of lights when an SUV went flying past us and sprayed rocks at us, we caught up to the SUV for a couple of minutes just to let them know that…Hey slow the heck down. As it turns out the SUV turned at the same corner we did on our way to get our daily coffee after work. We were about half a block behind the SUV by now. It turned ahead of us into the boston pizza, and we carried on to the Tim Hortons. We went to the drive through ordered coffee, and while waiting the SUV came tearing into the parking lot, into the managers spot, and a man got out and proceeded to call my husband a punk and asked him if he wanted his A** where his face is.My husband then asked who then heck he was and the guy then said “Im the owner and we don’t need your business so F**k Off”. The man refused to tell us his name. We carried on to the window and when at the window we told the young girl there that she could just keep the coffee because we were told that they didn’t need our business. When she asked by who we told her it was by the guy in the SUV, we asked her if this was her boss. She confirmed it was her boss and her too wouldn’t tell us what his name was.So not only was my husband threatened with violence from the franchise owner and swore at, but my children were in the vehicle and got to wittness it all. I’ve since phoned the regional office to file an official complaint

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