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Tim hortons | Bad Hygiene & Horrible Customer Service

I have never seen worse, in terms of service and poorly kept food services. I have seen some pretty bad ones, but this is the cherry on top. Thus, I am writing this complaint. There were about 20 house flies vulturing around the food and it seems like no one is doing a thing about it. I guess we’ll just wait for someone to get food poisoning to make a point. The second horrible thing about that particular branch of Tim, is the one bad cashier who is probably tri-langual, but does a ****-poor job at taking orders, I’m just gonna guess that she loves to troll customer, because her poor attitude is nerve-grinding. To the point where I’m regretting not cancelling my order to make a point. I’ve mannaged to kept composure and politeness. But if this matter persist even after the complaints reaches the mannager’s ears, then it’ll be “consumer complaints” HQ. If you really wanna see how bad that place is, be my guess. But you’re only wasting both your time and money…and mood.

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  1. Carylon Unrath May 26, 2020

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